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Ms. Foxhall's Second Grade Class

Classroom Info
important notes

Maternity Leave


I am on leave until September 1st. Please send in a note with your child if you need anything prior to this date. 

Meet the Teacher


My name is Ms. Foxhall, and I am a second grade teacher at Cordova. I am a very family-oriented person and an animal lover. I enjoy swimming, relaxing, and traveling in my spare time. I dreamed of being a teacher since I was in kindergarten, and that never changed throughout my life. In high school, I worked at an after-school program to test this dream. I instantly fell in love with the job and knew that teaching was my calling. I put myself through college at the University of West Florida through a series of high school and college jobs, academic scholarships, as well as some dreaded student loans. I was lucky enough to be placed at Cordova Park for my student teaching, and was fortunate enough to be hired by our wonderful Administration. Since then, I have had many students come through my classroom door that amazed me with their hard-work and eager minds.

In my classroom, having a positive and safe learning environment is key. Positive reinforcement and collaborative conversations are present in everyday lessons. Students will learn and practice how to collaborate in a respectful manner. To keep a respectful, responsible, and safe classroom, I have high expectations for all students. I am always amazed at the way my students rise to the occasion.

I am excited to start a new school year at The Park! Parents and guardians, please check the website throughout the year. I send hard copy notes and reminders home (normally on neon green paper), but I understand accidents and mistakes happen. So, I try to keep pdf versions of these on my website. I am looking forward to a wonderful year!


7:25-8:15     Morning Work/CPTV

8:15-8:45     Special Area         (MONDAY 8:00-8:40)

8:45-9:00     Snack/Restroom 

9:00-10:30   Reading Block

10:30-10:40 Restroom 

10:40-11:00 Recess

11:05-11:40 Math 

11:45-12:10 Lunch

12:15-12:40 Math

12:40-12:45 Brain Break

12:45-1:15   Science

1:15-1:30     Pack Up

1:30-1:55     Social Studies

1:55-2:10     Read Aloud

Hands will be washed during every scheduled restroom break and before lunch. Morning procedures, lunch, recess, and brain breaks are also designated restroom times.


Special Area Schedule

Monday- Art 2

Tuesday- PE

Wednesday- Music 1

Thursday- Music 2

Friday- PE