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Margaret Fox-McClellan

Mrs. McClellan
Mrs. McClellan

Special Areas 2018-19

Monday: 11:45- 12:15

P.E. with Coach Cooper

Tuesday: 11:50- 12:35   

Art with Mrs. Roll

Wednesday: 11:45- 12:15

Music with Ms. Anderson

Thursday: 11:45- 12:15

P.E. with Coach Cooper

   Friday:11:45- 12:15  

Music with Ms. Moore


Lunchtime: 11:09- 11:34 

Recess: Everyday (please wear appropriate shoes)

For Parents who want to order online for Scholastic Book Club, our class code is H3BZX

Restate the question

Answer the Question

Details, details, details (use details to support your answer!)

Homework- October 19



New AR goals were set this week.

25 %  due Oct. 29th






Tests Week

of Oct. 22- 26

E.L.A - Author's point of view and prefixes -Assess Wednesday

Spelling:Frequently misspelled words test Thursday

Math: assessment on single & double digit divisor division Tentatively Wednesday

science: Water cycle quiz Tuesday

S.S. 2nd nine week civic project proposals due Wednesday


The Million Word Challenge: It has been proven time and again that students that read at night excel in all areas of school. From my own experience, students that do not read at night simply do not make learning gains. Knowing this, I'm counting on you to help me ensure that students read at home daily. Students will be required to meet their AR goal each nine weeks.

Students that reach the Million Word Club will get a prize at the end of the year. Our AR program keeps track of the amount of words read per student. Most of my students usually love this challenge each year.

These students are on track or very close to the pace they need.

939,000 Oliver

542,000 Jax

312,000 Kate J.

263,000 Ruth

257,000 D.J.

216,000 Gabe

213,000 Cami

To make one million words students need to at 500,000 by the end of second nine weeks.

updated October 20, 2018

AR BRAG BOARD- Students must achieve 85% or higher for their comprehension and should strive for 100% of their individual goal! The following students are at 85% or higher for comprehension.

First nine weeks

100% Oliver, Roman,Peyton, Jax, Ruth, Grey , Cami, Kate J., D.J., Kayden... WOOOHOO! 


New goals will be set Monday!

 25% Gabe, Kay'shawna, Oliver,



15% Kaydon, Peyton (19%)

10% Kate J.,

5% Javon, Kate R

updated October 19