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We Love Science!

Students in Hahn's science classes learn about atoms, molecules, matter, and simple chemistry! 

Never Trust an Atom.png

My Family...All Florida State fans!

My Family...All Florida State fans!

Hahn Pets

With my favorite scientist, Albert Einstein

Well, sort of, this was taken in London at Madame Tussauds wax museum last  summer!

Obviously this isn't really Albert Einstein! This was taken last summer at Madame Tussauds wax museum in London, last summer. 

About Me

On the first day of class, we created circle Thinking Maps about ourselves.  The students did a wonderful job with their Thinking Maps! I have the best students, ever! :) 

On my Thinking Map, I included information about my family, educational background, teaching experience, and interests. 

I am originally from Birmingham, Alabama from a family of 7 children!  I grew up on Pensacola Beach every summer from the time I was a baby, until my family finally retired there.

My  husband and I have one son, who recently graduated from Florida State and is currently in law school at the University of Miami. 

I graduated from Florida State University three times! I have a Bachelor of Science (BS),  a Master of Science (MS), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), all in Science Education. I guess you could say that I love going to school and learning. I still take classes and special workshops when I can. I was a National Writing Workshop fellow this summer at the University of West Florida, and truly enjoyed it! 

I love spending time with my family more than anything. I also love teaching, helping with animal rescue, playing tennis, traveling, going to the beach, and watching Florida State football! Go Noles! And this year, I will be pulling for Miami, except when they play FSU! 

I have included some photos of myself and my family, including my pets for you to see. I have my own mini animal rescue with five cats, two dogs, one turtle, and three frogs! 




We Love Science!

Dr. Hahn's Science classes learning about matter and chemistry! 

Lori Hahn

Assignments for Mrs. Hahn the Week of March 19 to March 23, 2018.


Please ontinue to read AR books for a minimum of 25 minutes per night. This 9 weeks, students not only need to reach their AR point goal, but also need to get 80% or more correct on the AR tests!

Read for comprehension! Don't rush through the reading to pass the AR tests! 

50% of the AR Goal is due on April 12th, if the goal is not reached, a Reading Packet will be assigned.

Students are required to read an AR book each day during Reading time after lunch. If students do not have an AR book each day, they will lose points on their citizenship. 

Social Studies:

1.  Social Studies test on Tuesday of this week


Students will continue to review the Week 12 reader in Social Studies. We will take a practice test and review the reader on Monday.  The test will be on Tuesday. 

English/Language Arts:

1. Reading Wonders Test on Thursday, March 22.

2. Spelling Test on Friday. 

Our story this week will be from the Literature Anthology called "Rosa", about Rosa Parks. Make sure students understand Author's Point of View, Context Clues, Main Idea, and review prefixes and suffixes. 

The Test will be on Thursday, due to Fun Day on Friday. 

We will have a Spelling Test on Friday, however. 

A spelling assignment and a vocabulary assignment are due this week. There is also a Spelling City assignment to be completed to help study for the Spelling test. 


1. No Science test this week.  



We are currently studying the Unit on Structure and Function of the Human Body. This is Chapter 8 in the Science book. 

Several notebook assignments will be due this week, including two on the circulatory system and the heart. 

The District Q3 Science TEST will be given on Tuesday & Wednesday, April 3rd and 4th.

Congratulations, AR All-Stars!

Yay!!! The following students have already reached their AR goals for the 3rd Nine weeks! 


Reese    Sawyer    Zech    Kamaron    Sara  


There are several others who are very close! The last  day to complete AR goals for the 3rd nine weeks will be March 9th! 

Please check with your child to see where he/she on their AR goal.


Thank you!  



Mad Scientist Party!

Mad Scientist Party!

We had so much fun at our Mad Scientist (Halloween) Party. Our fabulous room mothers brought in the best treats! Thank you to Jayden's mom, Teagan's mom, Olivia's mom, JT's mom, Isaiah's mom, Sawyer's mom, and Adriana's mom, for bringing in treats. Also, thank you for volunteering to be there to pass out our delicious snacks and help us make our slime!  Our  "Mad Scientist" themed party was awesome with slime, glow worms, and water gel.

A special thanks to Olivia for our awesome Frankenstein notepads, to JT's mom for special candy treats, and to Dr. Hahn for a Frankenstein bag filled with goodies!

Another highlight of the day was reading our own original Science Fiction stories to our classmates. We discovered that we have some pretty amazing writers with very creative minds in our class!

Music Presentation

The 5th grade music program for parents is scheduled for Wednesday at 8:15 in the cafeteria.

Students need to wear dark blue jeans and a red or navy blue polo style shirt for the school presentations on Tuesday,  as well as for the parent performance on Wednesday. 


Hooray! Our Class Won the Pizza Challenge!

Congratulations to Mrs. Hahn's class for winning the Marco's Pizza challenge with the most pizza bought during Cordova Park Spirit Night in September! 



Congratulations, AR All-Stars!

Congratulations to the following students for reaching their AR goals this 9 weeks! 

1. Isaiah

2. Teagan

3. Reese

4. Sawyer

5. Kamaron 

6. Mason

7. Jayden 



Weekly Homework Assignments

Weekly Homework Assignments

English/Language Arts



  • Students should be reading AR books for at least 25 minutes, every night.
  • We will have a spelling test every Thursday and a test from the Wonders Reading book every Friday. Some weeks will be different due to holiday and special programs. 
  • Each day, we will have grammar, reading, and/or writing activities. Homework assignments will vary depending on the skills studied each day. 
  • Students have a Writer's Notebook they will write in most days, as well as an occasional homework writing assignment, such as a story or poem. 
  • In addition to other assignments, students should complete 4 Science Current Events.   If students do not have access to the newspaper, the Internet, or television news, I will provide newspaper clippings to read and summarize.  Four Current Events should summarized on a special form and turned in during a 9 week period for a total of 100 points. These forms are available at any time for students to pick up. 
  • Science tests will take place as we finish each Chapter. Quizzes may be given during each chapter on various topics. 
  • Science Notebooks will be checked for a grade, twice to three times per grading period. There is a rubric to follow on the back of the students' notebooks. 
Social Studies
  • Students will have a Social Studies reader to read every two weeks. There are activities in the reader to complete during the week for homework, as well as online activities. 
  • Students will have a test on the weekly reader in Social Studies approximately every other week. 
  • Each nine weeks, a Civic Responsibility Service Learning project will be assigned. Students will write a proposal and then complete the project,  once it is approved. The project may be as simple as helping a parent around the house, tutoring a little brother or sister, helping a neighbor or larger, such as helping a community or church organization with  a larger project. The project will then be presented using a poster or slide show. 
  • Students will keep their citizenship folders with them for ALL classes. 
  • Each student starts out with 100 points in Citizenship every week. If students do not follow classroom and/or school rules, they will lose points from their teachers. On Fridays, students will be given a weekly Citizenship grade. On the following Monday, they need to bring their signed red Citizenship folders from the previous week back to school.  Please make sure that you ask to see your child's Citizenship folder each weekend, and make sure they bring it to school with them each and every day. 

Current Assignments

Welcome to 5th Grade!



Hello, students! I am very happy and honored to be your 5th grade teacher this year. You are a wonderful group of young people! I am looking forward to working working with you in Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies! You will love having Mrs. Fox-McClellan for Mathematics!


For parents, this is just a short description of what we will be doing. I will be posting much more information, later. 

Science: We will start the year by looking at The Practice of Science, followed by Chemistry and Energy. There will be lots of fun things to learn! We will be creating an interactive science notebook, doing some fun labs, and doing some reading in science. These readings will not just be from the science book, but also from some excellent fiction books with a science theme. 

The first book is called "The Fourteenth Goldfish". This is very funny and interesting fiction book with lots of good science information! "The Fourteenth Goldfish" was A SUNSHINE STATE AWARD FINALIST in 2016. 


English/Language Arts: We will be using our textbook and workbook, as well as reading some great books along with them. Students will be keeping a writing journal, as well as a daily journal with the book, "Wonder". In your writing journal, we will be creating poetry, thinking maps, studying vocabulary words, and writing books! Yes, writing books! I will be reading a lot of great books to you to get you thinking and writing! I spent this summer at the National Writing Project and got some great ideas! 


Social Studies: In Social Studies, we will start out learning about maps, the earth, the continents, and the oceans of the world.  Each month, we will learn about different continents by using some interesting stories and books. With the new Social Studies readers, we will also be using your Chrome Books to study Social Studies. You will keep a Social Studies folder in class. 


Stay tuned for more information about Dr. Hahn's Fifth Grade Class! 


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Science Olympiad Winners!

Congratulations to my students who participated in the Science Olympiad competition, this past weekend, at Washington High School. Out of 31 elementary schools, Cordova Park Elementary came in 5th place in the overall competition. Congratulations to those who won medals in a specific event, as well!

Science Olympiad was an extremely fun, team building, and science learning activity! 



Roy Hyatt Environmental Center Field Trip!

The class had a blast at the Roy Hyatt Environmental Center last week! The students were able to do a "Cache the STEM bug" scavenger hunt on the field trip.  The students learned how to go geocaching using a GPS unit, and found wonderful environmental treasures along the way. When they would find a plastic bin, or cache, there was a science activity in it. The "caches" had items such as snake skins, skulls, plants, and all sorts of environmental treasures. The goal was to solve a science mystery using the clues they found, then solving a word scramble. All students had a great time learning, and especially enjoying getting to meet some goats, a bearded dragon and a snake! 

Roy Hyatt Environmental Center Field Trip!

science 2.jpeg

Grandparents' Day!

Some of our wonderful grandparents!

Aubrey's M & Ms.jpeg

Who Knew M & Ms could be so beautiful and scientific??!!

Thank you for sharing your photo, Aubrey!


This is what M&Ms dissolving in water looks like. Notice how the colors don't mix. This has to do with molecules. In our next Chapter on Matter, we will further explore such concepts! 


I have also attached on video on what happens when M&Ms dissolve in water. Who knew M&Ms dissolving in water could be so cool?!

Einstein 1.jpg

Eclipse Video Taken in Smyrna, Tennessee

We have a very special video taken by one of our parents. Mr. Yeager, a pilot, captured this video in Smyrna, Tennessee, one of the locations along the Path of Totality where a total eclipse was visible. In the video, taken at 1:30 in the afternoon, you can see that it looks like a night sky. Very cool! 


Thank you, Mr. Yeager! 

This text will be replaced
Eclipse 1.jpeg

The Great North American Eclipse 2017 at Cordova Park Elementary

Current Assignments

The Great American Eclipse

Parents, please review the exciting event coming up on Monday, August 21, 2017 with your child. A great place to start will be this NASA website with excellent information about the eclipse. 



Pensacola MESS Hall

Check out all of the awesome science activities available at the Pensacola MESS Hall! 



Text Structures

In English/Language Arts, we are learning all about text structures and how to identify them in our readings. Here is a fun video on Text Structures for you to look at with your child. 




Dr. Hahn.jpg


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Grandparents Day!