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Margaret Fox-McClellan

Mrs. McClellan

Mrs. McClellan
Fox-McClellan, Margaret

Special Areas 2017-18

Monday: 11:50- 12:35   

Art with Mrs. Roll

Tuesday: 12:00- 12:35

P.E. with Coach Cooper

Wednesday: 12:00- 12:35

P.E. with Coach Birk

Thursday: 12:00- 12:35

Music with Ms. Moore OR Ms. Anderson

   Friday:12:00- 12:35  

Music with Ms. Moore


Lunchtime: 11:09- 11:34 

Recess: Everyday (please wear appropriate shoes)

For Parents who want to order online for Scholastic Book Club, our class code is H3BZX

Restate the question

Answer the Question

Details, details, details (use details to support your answer!)


Homework- March 23



 AR goals  are in planners. 25% due April 2 Students should try to have 50% when they return from Spring Break since goals will be due earlier because of the end of the school year.

Math -Garnet Try to do 30 minutes  for 3 days of math..Tenmarks, journal, prodigy, games form my website, Carmen Sandiego, etc.
Math- Gold
Try to do 30 minutes  for 3 days of math..Tenmarks, journal, prodigy, games form my website, Carmen Sandiego, etc.




Tests Week of


E.L.A -


Math:  Geometry test when students return form Spring break

S.S. Civic proposals due April 21


Grandparent's Day

The Million Word Challenge: It has been proven time and again that students that read at night excel in all areas of school. From my own experience, students that do not read at night simply do not make learning gains. Knowing this, I'm counting on you to help me ensure that students read at home daily. Students will be required to meet their AR goal each nine weeks.

Students that reach the Million Word Club will get a prize at the end of the year. Our AR program keeps track of the amount of words read per student. Most of my students usually love this challenge each year.

2,260,000 Zachary (way to go!)

763,000 Will

752,000 Carter

672,000 Lisa

584,000 Rylan


To make one million words students need to at 750,000 by the end of Spring Break

updated March 8, 2018

AR BRAG BOARD- Students must achieve 80% or higher for their comprehension and should strive for 100% of their individual goal! The following students are at 80% or higher for comprehension.

First nine weeks

 Zachary, Lisa, Carter, Libby, Rylan, Will, Aubrey

Second Nine weeks

Kyle, La'Miya, Carter, Lisa, Zachary, Libby, Daniela, Scout, Aubrey, Will

Third nine weeks- Congratulations for making your goal!

Carter, Libby, Scout, Harrison, La'Miya, Aubrey, Kyle, Will, Daniela, Zachary, Conner, Rylan, Lisa


Fourth nine weeks





25%   Carter, Jelissa, Zachary, Will

20%    Aubrey, Kyle,

15%    Roxy

10%   Carter, Kevin, Scout, Coulson

5%    Daniela, Libby , Rylan, Lisa, Wil'niya

updated March 21